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Why You Should Ditch Your Tinted Moisturizer for Something BETTER!

The makeup industry is a lot like shopping for a car.  You can buy the latest vehicle that has the best safety ratings and all of the top features, or you can drive something older with less perks.  Since makeup has a much shorter lifespan than a car, doesn’t it make sense to shop for the BEST product out there?  That’s why it’s probably time to ditch tinted moisturizer.  Sure we all love it.  I’m holding on to two bottles in my own bathroom.  BUT, believe me.  I can see a time in the future when it will be obsolete.  I’ve seen this happen with other products as better ones come along, and it is probably coming soon for tinted moisturizer.

makeup bag


One of my favorite products for almost a decade has been replaced with a CC Cream! And, it’s a good thing!!

The Tinted Moisturizer Bandwagon

I remember when tinted moisturizers were introduced to the cosmetic world.  I was 22, and I’d only ever worn powder.  Stila offered three shades to try – light, medium, and dark.  It was genius, and it got better as more shades were introduced.

tinted moisturizerI’ve seen so many women jump on the tinted moisturizer bandwagon over the years. Laura Mercier probably owns stock in tinted moisturizer.  It’s the cosmetic line’s bread and butter.  And for the last decade, it has made SO MUCH SENSE to use a product that moisturizes, covers, and provides sunscreen.

Why Buy a Tinted Moisturizer When You Can Get Something BETTER?

A few weeks ago, I did a consultation for a client.  She was accustomed to using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that so many women love.  It’s lightweight, decent coverage, has a good label, etc.  When I asked her if she wanted something better she was all ears.  “This is all I know,” she explained to me.

I showed her a CC cream.  It is just like a tinted moisturizer, but better.  Same lightweight formula, but targeted to address your problems.  The cream minimizes redness and pigmentation, and smoothes out the skin.  It even contains anti-aging ingredients, sunscreen, and stays on all day.  It even contains the right amount of moisture for your needs so you don’t leave the house looking shiny.  Wow!  How’s that for incredible!  With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you switch to something better? I’ve even removed tinted moisturizers from my makeup kit.  It used to contain the following:

tinted moisturizer1

Now it contains products like this:

bb cc cream

There is no need to purchase makeup that is not up to date.  You wouldn’t pay full price for an used car!  Keep in mind, not everyone likes CC creams.  Some prefer BB creams.  If you need to know what to use instead, click here.

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