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Why You Need to Stop Using Regular Sunscreen and Try This

I HATE sunscreen. I know. It’s really terrible to admit. But every time I wear it, my skin reacts. I get pimples everywhere – even in places I’ve never had breakouts before. It’s the most annoying thing. After all, I’m simply trying to protect my skin and prolong the aging process.

Fortunately my daily face makeup has SPF. However, it is not as much as I’d prefer. It’s also not the best coverage for days when I am outside with my kids. And, if I want to wear a fuller coverage foundation, I usually end up opting out of SPF entirely.

That’s why I love this amazing product called invisible shield. It’s the perfect name for the product because it is invisible. You cannot even tell from the picture above that the invisible shield sunscreen is on my face. However, you can easily identify the common white color of the traditional sunscreens that is on my other cheek. Is is any wonder that this thicker, greasy texture clogs pores and causes breakouts??

Another benefit of using the invisible shield is that you are less likely to get a white or dull looking face in pictures. This is common problem that happens when you use traditional sunscreen. A lightweight, clear shield is less likely to do this. You will look more like you in your selfies! And, your face will stay younger because you are using the sunscreen.

Lastly, the invisible shield is so lightweight, you will not even notice it if you want to wear it under your favorite foundation. This is a great option for people who want to wear a full coverage foundation that does not have SPF.

After trying invisible shield, chances are you will never want to go back to traditional sunscreen again!

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