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Why There Isn’t One Perfect Primer

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When you are a makeup artist, people like to ask you questions about makeup.  I really enjoy the questions and always find it rewarding to share my knowledge with others.  After all, the last thing my husband wants to talk about is makeup!  One question that I get asked a lot is, “What is your favorite primer?”  The truth is, primers are not my favorite product.  I do not even use one!  DON’T TELL.  or DO!

I kind of feel like the makeup world invented primers to sell you one additional product.  However, I also realize that primers can be beneficial if you use them correctly.  The truth is that you DO NOT need one if your skin is balanced.  Your makeup will stay on wonderfully.  In fact, I don’t remember ever working with a top makeup artist that swore by a primer.  I also do not recommend the silicone based primers.  I think they are a little thick and can get greasy after a long day.

If you are the person who wants a primer, then that is perfectly acceptable.  It is just important to pick the one that will provide your skin with the best results There are three options by stila that are great to consider.  They might not be a favorite for everyone, but they could be a favorite for you.

CC Cream

This new, innovative product provides moisture, antioxidants, sunscreen, and color correction.  It is also helps with pigmentation.  I love wearing it alone!  It is also a wonderful primer for women with the following concerns:


  • Dry skin
  • Rosacea
  • Hyper-pigmentation
BB Cream
BB cream stilaStila’s beauty balm can be worn alone or as a primer under your makeup.  I really like the illuminating option for women with combination skin.  However, the original version is also great.  It is ideal for women with the following concerns:
  • coverage
  • oily skin
  • pore size
  • texture
One Step Correct
one step correct primerThis product truly does what a primer is supposed to do.  It balances the skin so that your makeup doesn’t slide off your face or suck into your skin.  As a plus, it color corrects.  It is great for women who do not want to feel a lot of product on their skin.  It also works on all skin types.  I love it for combination skin types.  If you have the following concerns, you will like this product:
  • tone
  • brightening
  • redness
  • dry patches
  • oil control
For more information on primers, you can always attend one of my makeup classes in AZ or schedule an appointment with me, an affordable makeup artist in AZ.

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