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Why The Dark Eye Shadow in the Corner of Your Eye Isn’t Helping You

The other night I had a makeup class at my house that focused entirely on eye makeup application.  It was a blast.  Everyone brought their own makeup and tools and showed me how they applied it.  Many of the women were accustomed to applying a dark shadow in the corner of their eyes.  I explained to them, “this does nothing for your eye shape”.

Why do so many women assume the darkest shade of eye shadow should be applied on the outer corner of the eye?  One of the causes might be some product’s instructions.


eyeshadow in the outer corner

I wish this amazing palette by Cargo would instruct women to use the darkest shadow as a liner instead.  This would better accentuate all eye shapes.


What is the problem with a dark outside corner?

  • If your eyes naturally droop, a common problem with many women, applying a dark shade on the outside corner only enhances it.
  • Too often, there is no blending when the eyeshadow transitions from one color to the next.  This creates a noticeable line on your eyelids.  A person’s gaze is drawn towards your eye shadow and not your eyes.  Makeup should enhance your features, not overwhelm them.
  • Many people darken the outer corner to give the impression their eyes will look further apart.  But it looks more natural to use a highlighter or concealer on the lid’s inner well.  This brightens your eyes and actually makes them look further apart.

Try a soft smoky eye instead.

A soft smoky eye is a visually pleasing alternative.  With this look, the majority of the color is focused on the center of your eyes where you want to draw people’s gaze.

  • Apply one color on the lid of your eyes.
  • Shape your eyes by applying a matte eyeshadow in the crease.
  • Extend your eyeliner up and out at the second to last lash, then blend.


A little bit of darker color at the outer corner isn’t a mistake in this instance.  However, it needs to look gradual and lifting on your eyes as in this beautiful picture of Keira Knightley.  If the transition from dark to light is apparent, you are applying too much color.


5 thoughts on “Why The Dark Eye Shadow in the Corner of Your Eye Isn’t Helping You”

  1. i loved the class! im so glad i have a new, better(!) way to wear my eye makeup. i love how it looks so much more <3

  2. Ok here’s my issue. I have more gray hair in my eyebrows than my head. I pencil in with cheap maybeline blond pencil because tinting does not last on me. I’m thinking about tatoo. What are your thought and other suggestions? Will the gray show thru tatoo and ill still have to pencil anyway???

    1. anastasia’s tinted brow gel is the best for covering gray hairs. I also prefer using stila’s stay all day brow pen instead of a brow pencil because it stays on longer!

    2. Just for men gel works to color eyebrows. Use and old mascara wand and only do a thin coat. Wipe it off with a tissue first before you wash your face so you dont get it in your eyes

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