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Why Strobing is SO Much Better Than Contouring!

I’m the first to admit I’ve never been the hugest fan of the contouring trend. Sure contouring is awesome in a controlled light setting. I also love to subtly shape the face with matte bronzer – my version of contouring. I’ve been doing this for years, before contouring was even main stream. Now thanks to social media, there are constant videos of people contouring their faces and everyone wants in on the action.

Here is the problem. Contouring requires heavy makeup. Thicker creams are used to create the look, and you have to apply a decent amount of makeup and color to change the shape of the face. When you do this, you risk walking around looking stripped and with a caked face of makeup. Obviously, it’s effective for a photo in a studio or a picture straight on. However, what happens when you turn your face to the side and the lines are noticeable?

My other issue with contouring is that people think they need to change their face. I hate this. I would rather the focus be on enhancing what you already have, which is why I love strobing. This concept involves highlighting key features of your face, particularly the cheekbones. To see where else to highlight, check out this video:


The best part about strobbing is that it is that you don’t have to be a pro to master the concept. You also don’t have to worry about looking fake or caked when you walk outside. A little highlight will simply give you a glow, some youthfulness, and pop those important features. You will be wearing less makeup, but also enhancing the features you want to stand out the most. BONUS!

When I want the cheekbones to really pop, I rarely contour. Instead, I use a strobing technique and shade the cheek area with some matte bronzer. You can see how effective this is at shaping the face in these bridals that were taken of Olivia below:


My favorite combo for the ultra trendy strobe look right now is this liquid highlighter with a powder highlighter on top. It makes the cheeks pop. If you want to go even more extreme, choose a powder with a purple undertone, like I did on Allison below. It will give a stronger strobing effect, and it also gives a unicorn makeup vibe, which is totally on trend and super fun.

If you want something more subtle, just use the liquid alone. For an inexpensive option, you can use a champagne shadow you already own or this Maybelline strobing product.


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