Where to Apply the Base Eyeshadow and Why

During the last few weeks, I have worked with a lot of women that do not understand how to apply the base eyeshadow.  They either don’t use one, or they apply it in the wrong places.  Learning how to correctly apply the base eye shadow can make a huge difference in your overall eye look.  Here are a few tips to make sure you get it right every time!

How to Apply It

how to apply base eyeshadowWhen you apply the base eyeshadow, you need to cover your entire eye area.  It is important to start the application right at your lash line.  Then blend the shadow up to your brow bone with your brush.  As you reach the brow area, you should have less product on the brush.  This is normal.  It ensures that people look at your lash line and not your brow bone.  This is where we want people to look – at your eyes!!!!!!

What Brushes to Use

It is best to look for larger brushes since you have to cover a lot of space when you are applying the base eyeshadow. I like to use thick flat brushes with matte shadows and fluffy brushes with shimmer shadows.

Choosing Shadows

A good base eyeshadow is usually one shade lighter than your skin tone.  If you have redness in your eye area, yellow matte shadows are great options to correct the discoloration.  If you have blueness or darkness in your eye area, pink matte shadows can help correct the discoloration and brighten the eye area.  Shimmer shadows are great to use as bases for teens or people that only want to wear one shadow throughout the day.

Can I Put Anything Under My Base Shadow?

cheap eyeshadow primer

If you want to put anything UNDER the base eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer is great for people that have oily eyelids.  Otherwise, make sure to avoid any foundation or concealer on your eyelids!  This can make your eyes look greasy, heavy, and cakey.

The Benefits of Base Eyeshadows

Base eyeshadows provide many benefits to the eye area.  The following are some of my favorites:

  • They remove excess oil from the eyes
  • They smooth out the texture of the eye area
  • They prep the eyes for other eye shadows
  • They make it easier to blend your eyeshadows
  • They brighten and eliminate problems in the eye area


If you are not using a base eye shadow, try one today.  It will dramatically improve the look of your eyes!  xo




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  • Rita Gurdas
    January 17, 2021

    At the age of 78 is using eyeliner on outer corner of eyelid appropriate for aging women?

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