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What is Microblading?

If you’ve been following me, you know that I offer Microblading in Arizona. This beauty service is a great option for anyone who is tired of filling in their brows every morning. It helps add definition to the shape of the brows, and it eliminates the look of sparse brow hairs.

It’s a 2-Step Process

Microblading takes place during 2 appointments – the initial measuring and blading and the 6-week touchup. The first appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. During this time, I measure your brows and shape them. After you are satisfied with the shape, I begin the blading process. 6 weeks later, you come for another appointment so I can go over each line with the blade to ensure the color lasts and touchup any area that did not hold.

Ink is Selected so Your Brows Will Look the Most Natural

I choose colors and use pigments that will look best with the hair you already have. If you have grey or really light brow hairs, I blade based on the color you want your brows to be with a brow gel or when your hairs are tinted. I also use ink that will not fade grey. My goal is to keep your brows as natural as possible. I prefer natural microblading to combo brows because they fade nicer and look more natural after they are finished.

You are Numbed Throughout the Process

You receive topical anesthetic throughout the entire process to ensure that you are comfortable. Most people consider the experience to be relatively pain-free. You lay down and relax while I get to work making your brows look amazing!

A Blade is Used to Make Small Cuts

While you get your brows microbladed, I use a blade to make small cuts into your brows. These cuts mimic the appearance of hairs. The blade is tiny and has ink on it when the cuts are made. This way, color is inserted into your skin like getting a tattoo. However, I do not penetrate the skin very deeply, so the tattoo is not permanent.

You Leave With Aftercare Instructions

After you leave, you have to take care of your brows so they heal. You are supposed to avoid heavy exercise. Sweat in the brow area can cause the open wounds/cuts to become infected. It’s also important to not touch or get the brows wet for a week. In Arizona brows need to stay out of the sun while they are healing so the ink doesn’t fade. I also give you ointment to put on your brows to help promote healing.

If you want to simplify your makeup routine and you live in Arizona, contact me. Whether you are a busy mom, a working professional, or you’ve gotten older and you don’t have the brows you used to, I can help you!

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