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What I LOVED About Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Makeup

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Kim Kardashian’s makeup has inspired women across the country to wear more black eyeliner, layer on the fake eyelashes, and learn how to contour.  After all, who wouldn’t want to look like Kim everyday!?  I’ve always been a fan of the looks created by her makeup artist, Mario.  I especially love what I am seeing from her recent wedding photos!  They remind me of traditional, old school beauty that never disappoints.  Kim looked classic, beautiful, and practically perfect for her special day.  

kim kardashian kimye wedding makeup


What I loved most:

  • The lashes!  There’s nothing better than a doting bride.  Any bride-to-be can recreate this look on her own with individual fake lashes and a good mascara.
  • Kim’s eyelids free from dark eyeshadow made her  look so feminine.  My favorite picture is the side view.  You can see Kim’s makeup artist slightly shaded her crease for definition.  The attention was focused on the lash line by applying a dark eye liner.
  • Kim’s skin looked flawless.  She’s not too matte or too shiny but glowing beautifully, a look all brides should have!
  • Her brows!!!!  They were perfect.  Brides out there!  Don’t overlook this important feature, it frames the face.
  • I absolutely loved that she embraced a little bit of gloss for her special day.  This enhanced the shape of her lips.  Sometimes, brides forgo this product so they can kiss their groom throughout the day.  If you don’t want gloss, try a Chapstick with some shimmer.

kim kardashian wedding makeup

Any bride-to-be in Arizona can use Kim’s makeup as inspiration.  If you need a wedding makeup artist in Arizona, contact me.  I’d love to paint you pretty for your special day.

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