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What Happens at a Makeup Class?

I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday about the makeup class I was having.  One of my friends commented that she “seriously loved my class.”  I thanked her for the nice compliment, and she followed up with a thank you.  How nice!  She told me, “I have received so many compliments since I went to your class and learned how to do my makeup better!  It was the best!”

Now I want you to know something about this friend – She is beautiful, sweet, fashionable, and a great mom! The class probably helped her maximize her makeup application efforts.  Now she knows the right products to use, how to apply them, and even what is best for her features!  This is what makeup classes are all about.  Even better – they are so much fun!

Here’s what happens…

You Receive Helpful Handouts to Maximize the Learning Experience





photo 1-14


I Go Over Makeup and Skincare Products

photo 4-5


Full face makeup application is covered, including skincare.  I go over products to use based on personal needs and lifestyle.  You will learn what is used to make celebrities look amazing on the red carpet and what to avoid!  Each product is passed around for people to touch, and experiment with. You will even get to play with my new favorite eye shadow palette and an amazing affordable BB cream!

Demos Are Done to Help You Learn




I ask for volunteers to demo application tips on!  No one is required to let me do their makeup!  If you want to watch instead, that is fine!  Both are great ways to learn.

You Can Test Products on Yourself

testing products

photo 5-10

testing products3

During the class, you can try on makeup without the pressure to buy so you learn what looks good on you!!!!! You can even get second opinions from the other class members in the room!  I have found this is much less intimidating than a beauty store AND more effective.

Makeup Giveaway!

photo 5-9

At the end of the class, one lucky person wins a free item of makeup!  Fingers crossed – it could be you if you attend my next class!

All Ages Are Welcome..


photo 2-7



***You CAN wear makeup to this class!  I have wipes if you want to remove anything.  I don’t do everyone’s makeup, but we do have fun playing with makeup!!

***You DON’T have to bring anything

For only $10 a person in AZ, you could enjoy this fun girls night out!  If you host your own makeup class, you do not have to pay, and I might even do your makeup after as a THANK YOU!!  Click here to learn more about my class promotions or contact me to get on my class list!  xoxo

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