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What Can You Learn From a Makeover With a Celebrity Makeup Artist?

When you walk up to a makeup counter or beauty store, it can be intimidating.  A lot of people want to sell you makeup, skincare, etc.  It’s easy to become a victim and believe everything they say.  Since I got my start in the makeup biz working behind a makeup counter, I know exactly what it is like being on the other end of the customer-salesperson relationship.  Although I loved a lot of the products I had to sell, over time, it became difficult to talk someone into buying 10 products they didn’t need.  It became very clear to me that my passion was not in the selling of the products, but in the application.  I LOVED making women feel beautiful and enhancing their features.

Here’s a few things I believe you can learn from your makeover with me, whether it is because you need an affordable AZ wedding make up artist, someone to do your prom make-up in AZ, or because you are getting family photos taken by an AZ photographer and you need photo quality makeup:

I will help you understand what your best features are.  The key to makeup is enhancing your features.  To often women do not understand what feature they should be enhancing.  I will help you know, so you can do your makeup better in the future.

I will help you learn what products to use. I use different products on everyone depending on their tastes, style, and needs.  When you are done with your makeover, you will have a better understanding of what colors look best on you and what products to use.  I can even recommend products to buy in your price range.  I am not against the drugstore products.  In many cases, they are very similar to higher end cosmetics.

I will teach you if something is out of date or not attractive.  A good celebrity makeup artist uses her clients feedback as a guide.  Then, she steers them in a direction that is best for their overall image.  For example, if you want to wear red lipstick, you need to pick the right shade for your skin tone.  It also needs to coordinate with what you are wearing.  My goal is to help each client learn to make better beauty decisions.  I WILL NOT push a lipstick or eye shadow on you simply because it is a new product that a company is trying to sell.  I want to be sure that it flatters who you are and looks seasonally and age appropriate.

More important than what you learn, I want you to LOOK and FEEL BEAUTIFUL!  Pictured above is Frances Fisher from Titanic. She is one of my all time favorite clients.  I first did her makeup for the Environmental Media Awards.  When I met her I was worried that she was going to be difficult to deal with because of the character she played on the big screen.  On the contrary, she was nice and personable.  However, she was worried about her skin because it lacks pigment.  With the right makeup, she radiated on the red carpet.  In fact, she was so thrilled that she texted me later that evening with pictures from the event.  I was humbled by her response.  To this day, I think she is truly beautiful inside and out.

I hope that I can offer you the same experience Frances had at an affordable price.  Contact me today for more information on my low cost AZ make-up artist prices.  My email is paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.

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