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What Brow Gel is for You?

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Brows are nearly as big as contouring these days, which means there are plenty of brow products to choose from. One of my favorite products for the brows is brow gel. A few years ago, brow gel was hard to come by, and some people used clear mascara to mimic the effect of the gel. Today, there are brow gels of all types. Many have unique wands and color options. This can be confusing to the consumer. What one do you need?


The majority of women I work with benefit from clear brow gel. Think of clear brow gel as a way to “hairspray” your brows in place. It allows you to comb them up and in place so the shape shows better. After doing this, you can fill in spare holes and gaps. You can also define the brow for added shape. If you are going to use clear brow gel, it is best to use one with a traditional mascara wand. This one is great if you want to splurge. This one is great if you are on a budget.


If you want to change the color of your brow hairs, then tinted brow gel is awesome. A tint is great for blondes and redheads who have really light brow hairs. It is also nice on older women with gray hairs in their eyebrows. On women with really dark hair, I like using a tinted gel to warm up the brow color. This looks nice against the skin and balances out the darkness of the hair. For an inexpensive tinted brow gel, try this one.


You can find brow gels with different brush options – especially when you are shopping for a tinted gel. Generally, the smaller the brush, the more color will be placed on your brows. So, a brow gel with a really small wand actually does more than tint the hairs. It can fill and add definition. Some people like these because they make the brows look fuller. I prefer to add fullness with my favorite brow pen.

When you find the right brow gel, it will make a huge difference for your brows like it did with Heather in the before and after photos pictured above!

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