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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

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If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day gifts. However, you do want to get something the person will actually use. I feel like $25 is a great budget to set, and it allows you to get a nice Galentine’s gift. You can also tell your hubby or boyfriend to get yul one of these things. They will be relieved that they aren’t super expensive.

MAKEUP BAGS. While I’m not the biggest fan of transporting your entire makeup collection everywhere you go, I do love having something cute to carry around a few essentials to touch up with. I always keep my blush, powder, and a lipgloss with me. This is the cutest makeup bag ever and I’d love to pull it out of my purse. It also makes an adorable gift! Because the bag is not $25, you can even put a tinted lip balm inside to make the gift extra special.

THE BEST BLUSH EVER CREATED.  For $25, you can get the best blush ever created. It’s a cream blush and it will give you the perfect flush in your cheeks. It looks natural, healthy, and dewey. I’ve yet to find something I like better, and I’ve seen a lot of blushes over the last 12 years working as a makeup artist.

HAND CREAM. My hands are always dry during the winter. I love luxurious creams that make them feel moisturized.

THE REAL BEAUTY BLENDER. Most people have a knock off version, and they just aren’t as good. Once you try the real thing, your makeup will look 10 times better! PROMISE!

A CUTE TEE. There’s nothing I love more than a cute t-shirt. I feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time! Hallelujah! There are tons of cute tee options that are affordable.


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