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Updating Your Makeup to Match Your Age

It can be a hard thing to admit – you’re getting older. I feel that way all the time. I’d like to pass my age spots off as freckles, but they are getting a little too large for that. DARN. So, are you supposed to use a specific makeup for 40 year olds? And is there a whole new set of makeup for 50 year olds? Not necessarily. But it is a good idea to access the makeup you are wearing and ensure that it matches you age and needs. These makeup tips for 35 and older might be particularly helpful.

Find a Lightweight Foundation With Good Coverage

As you age, it is hard to wear heavy, thick foundations without them drawing attention to the flaws and imperfections on your face. You don’t want your foundation to emphasize the wrinkles that are starting to show up, you want it to diminish them. My current favorite lightweight foundation actually falls more along the lines of a tinted moisturizer. It gives amazing coverage and has peptides in it to help your skin. For a little bit more coverage, try this one.

Use Powder Sparingly

Powder is usually a situational product the older you get. For example, women in their 50s might want to use a blotting powder to help with hot flashes. This powder can decrease the shine and press the foundation back in place during these awkward motions. Setting powders and loose powders are also helpful if your skin is more oily. For women with dry skin, try avoiding powder so your skin looks more dewey and youthful.

Evaluate Your Eyeliner

Harsh eyeliner often draws attention to the lines and wrinkles around the eye area. This is particularly true with black liquid liner. If you like the look of a defined liner, I recommend keeping it very close to the lashes. Also, pull the lashline flat when you are applying the liner so you get a straighter line. You can also improve your liner by switching colors. Sometimes a brown or even grey is less harsh. I also prefer a smudgy soft line on older women. This can be achieved with a liner or darker eyeshadow and a brush.

Don’t Forget About Your Lips and Cheeks

Blush and lips are vital for life in youthfulness in your makeup look. Even a tinted chapstick is a great option for lip color. It’s important to remember that your skin probably does not have the same coloring that it had when you were a teen. Your lip color probably faded too. With blush and lip color, it’s easy to add back what you have lost.

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