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Transitioning Your Makeup to Fall!

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When it’s 100 plus degrees in Arizona, you jump for joy when Fall comes! It is seriously the best thing ever. And while we may not be pulling out scarves and long sleeves quite yet, you can easily update your makeup for the season.

Paige’s makeup is the perfect fall look. I love the warm hues and the brown lip color that is super on trend on will pair well with a lot of fall clothing options. Here is what you need to recreate the look:


photos by ChelseaMichellePhotography

You DO NOT need to rush out and buy an entire set of new makeup just because fall is here!! Buy a product you have been dying to have or a cute pair of ankle boots instead… You can always update your makeup for the season by trying the following tips.

  • Switch your lip or blush color. Look for something with a little more warmth or depth to it. I also love a matte lipstick for fall.
  • Trade your tinted moisturizer for a foundation. You’ll be wearing more clothes on your body, so you might want more coverage on your face. Just a thought.
  • Switch from a cream or gel blush to a matte powder blush. The texture looks a little less dewey and more velvety for the fall and winter seasons.
  • Skip powder shimmers to highlight. Use a cream version that looks a little more subdued.
  • Go darker with your eyeliner. If you normally wear brown, try black.

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