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Top Beauty Products to Avoid

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Do you ever walk into a beauty store and think, “WHO BUYS THIS STUFF?” There are some products that are instant best-sellers because they are simply amazing.  Others take off because they are marketed well.  How do you know the difference between what’s great and what’s not?  It can be difficult – especially with a salesperson in your face that wants to sell you a ton of products.

Whenever someone schedules a consultation with me or comes to one of my makeup classes in AZ, I try to give them concrete information about what to look for to maximize the effectiveness of their makeup.   As a general rule, I think everyone should avoid the following products.  They are probably a waste of your money and beauty goals:

Silicone Primers


If you want your foundation to stay on, a primer is a good idea.  However, this primer by Benefit is packed with silicone and basically adds a layer of product to your skin.  This can make the skin look cakey, and it doesn’t help much if you are oily.  It is better to look for water-based primers or try a CC cream or a BB cream.

Contouring Palettes

contouring palette

Pinterest pages and Kim Kardashian has made people think that this pricey Tom Ford contouring palette is a necessity.  I haven’t met one real woman that has the time to contour their face like Kim K – and I’ve taught plenty of women during the last 6 months since I started my business.  Real woman want to emphasize their features quickly and effectively.  So does a celebrity makeup artist with limited time!  All I use is matte bronzer and a highlighting powder!

Shimmery Blushes


I’ve said it before, and I’ll said it again.  There is No need to put shimmer on your cheeks.  It is meant for the cheek bones.  Blush should create a flush of color, not speckles of shimmer everywhere.  This looks unnatural and can make your face look larger.

Color Concealer Palettes


There is no need to invest in a concealer palette – especially one with a variety of colors.  Instead, use a CC cream to correct redness and pigmentation.  Apply a great foundation for more coverage.  Then, use a peach toned concealer for dark circles.  All of these will last longer and feel more lightweight on your skin.

Kabuki Brushes

BE kabuki

If you want to use a mineral powder, that is ok.  They are not my favorite because they get cakey easily and most people overuse them.  It is usually best to avoid the kabuki brush application method.  This makes the powder look heavy, and it can move bacteria around your skin – causing acne and premature aging.  It is much better to use a flat brush to set the powder on your skin.  I also recommend applying a bb cream or cc cream underneath so you don’t have to use as much powder.

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