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Tips to Master Dramatic Eye Makeup

A lot of women I meet want to learn how to do a dramatic eye look for date nights, special occasions, and pictures. I recently worked with my friend Liesl, who loves makeup and an excuse to get dolled up and glamorous. I used the following products from Maybelline to create a sultry eye that looked amazing on Liesl:

I loved the pigment of these shadows and thought they were perfect for that smokey, dramatic eye look. I also loved the firm tip of the liquid pen that made it easy to perfect the wing of the cat eye. And the mascara was awesome – especially the brush. To get the most from these products, I suggest the following application tips.

WET YOUR BRUSH. I love the rich, shimmery textures and colors in the 24K Palette. When you apply them to your lid area, make sure to wet your brush first. This ensures that you see the true color. It also helps the shadow glide on the eye better.

USE THE LIGHTER SHADES AS A TOP COAT. When I’m doing a bolder eye look, I often use a dark shade first. On Liesl, I used the warm brown color all over the lid area. Then, I added the gold on top. I love the dimension this creates to the eye area. You can use any of the lighter shades as a top coat over darker shadows. It makes the look more wearable, but still dramatic.

ADD MASCARA BEFORE LIQUID LINER. The mascara creates a shelf for you to apply the liner. When your lashes are mascara-free, it’s hard to find the leverage needed to create the perfect line.

LINE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN.  If you start your wing from the outside, it is easier to create the perfect cateye. The wing should look like an additional lash at the outer end of the lashes. It’s usually easiest to create this extra lash with your eyes open. Then, close your eyes and complete the line.

USE SHADOW INSTEAD OF LINER ON THE BOTTOM LASHLINE. Liquid liner can look harsh along the lower lashline. However, you can still have a dramatic look by applying darker shadow in place of liner. Then, add several coats of mascara.

ROTATE EYES WHEN APPLYING COATS OF MASCARA. It’s easier to build volume and length when you add mascara on top of a coat of dry mascara. If you coat over wet mascara, the lashes can clump. This is why I like to rotate eyes when I apply mascara. This allows me to get bold lashes that are ideal for a glamorous eye look.


***This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own.

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