5 Tips for Dry Skin

When you have dry skin, makeup is often a little more challenging. Why? Things just don’t seem to blend as easily as they do when you have a balanced complexion. So what can you do about it?¬†Here are a few tips to help you battle your dry skin.

1 – Use the Right Products

One of the most important things you can do for dry skin is to use the right products. The popular matte foundations sound wonderful, until you try to blend them on something dry. The flat texture of the foundation will enhance the dryness and problem areas of the skin, giving you the opposite of what you want. Your skin will actually look less smooth. Instead, try a foundation that is moisturizing or even one that is illuminating. I have also found that thinner and wetter textures work best on dry skin.

2 – Moisturize at the Right Time

My skin used to be severely dry. Every time I got out of the shower it hurt. A dermatologist told me that I needed to try to wait as long as possible before applying moisturizer to my face after getting out of the shower or washing my face. The idea was to teach my skin to balance on its own. After about a month of doing this, it did balance on its own. I needed less products for healthy skin. I’ve thought about this a lot since. I wonder if our faces because somewhat addicted to moisturizer like our lips do chapstick. I’ve also wondered if there is a benefit to letting the pores close after a hot shower. This way, the face won’t eat away at the moisturizer too quickly.¬†

3 – Prime if Necessary

For people who just can’t seem to get their skin moisturized enough, primer is a fantastic option. The right primers can further moisturize and help promote balance in the skin. They also help to prevent your face from eating away at your makeup. When you are shopping for a primer, it is important to avoid ones with silicone. These are not moisturizing, and they will only contribute to the dryness. Instead, look for water-based primers. The most obvious primer to choose is this moisturizing primer. However, there are a lot of primers that help provide moisturize and brighten the lackluster tone that is often common with dry skin. If you are looking for this primer, you can try this amazing one from Becca. Or, this one is also an inexpensive alternative.

4 – Be Cautious With Anti-Aging Ingredients

I’m all for anti-aging, but it is important to recognize that many anti-aging ingredients cause dryness. This creates a catch-22 because dryness causes premature aging. So you have to choose the right anti-aging products. If you are overly dry from your anti-aging regimen, then it’s probably not that effective on you. You may want to consider cutting back or changing what you use.

5 – Avoid Powders If Possible

Unless you are dry and have rosacea, it is usually smart to avoid powder. Too much powder emphasizes the problems in the skin. If you want powder to help your skin look smoother, try something illuminating. Then, use it sparingly so you don’t dry out your skin. Also, when you have dry skin, cream blushes and liquid highlighters tend to look better than the powder versions.

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