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Tips for Better Skin This Winter

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When winter comes, many people’s skin takes a turn for the worse. The cold weather, while a nice change, is not always the most pleasant thing for your skin. If your skin is suffering, particularly for dry, dull skin, try the following tips.

  1. AVOID MATTE FOUNDATIONS! I know. They are all the rage right now! But, they are terrible when it comes to dry, weathered skin that is common during the wintertime. If you want more coverage during the winter, look for something that won’t add to the dryness of your skin. If you prefer to look more matte, you can always set with a little powder. This prevents a cakey look. It also helps you avoid foundation sitting in the dry patches of your skin.
  2. TREAT THE DRY PATCHES. Speaking of dry patches…make sure to address those. When someone comes to me with dry patches, there is not much I can do right then and there to fix that. I can use a product to make it look a little smoother. However, it is much better to get rid of this beforehand. One of the best solutions is this product. You can leave it on the dry patches over night or for a few minutes.
  3. USE THE RIGHT CLEANSER.Many people use bar soap or abrasive cleansers. These tend to work fine until it gets cold.¬†When it’s cold, your skin is likely to be drier and a harsh cleanser adds to the problem. Using a gentle cleanser can help relieve or minimize the dryness. This is the most basic option, or you can try my favorite. It feels like butter.
  4. TRY NOT TO PICK. Sometimes, the change of weather, skincare routines, and/or makeup products can irritate the skin. If you notice a few breakouts here and there, don’t worry. Things will probably settle soon. Just try not to pick! Picking only makes your acne worse, and it is better to use a spot treatment.
  5. ADD IN A PRIMER. If you do find that skin feels dry or your normal foundation seems to look cakey or unsmooth, try adding in a primer. This can help balance your skin. Just make sure to use a primer that is water based. You can also look for one that is specifically designed to help with dry skin.

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