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Three Questions to Ask Your Makeup Salesperson

When I had my little boy Harvey last year, my epidural created a rare condition called a spinal fluid leak.  My OB thought it was my normal migraines and this problem would heal on its own.  It does in about 99% of women.  However, after nonstop level 10 pain that wouldn’t go away, I was miserable and felt hopeless.  I went to several doctors who all said the same thing, patted me on the head and sent me home to be overmedicated.  It wasn’t until my baby was five months old that I finally started getting the right treatment.

Unfortunately, most of the non-surgical efforts failed.  The doctors performed several tests, three blood patches, and ordered bed rest.  All failed and my pain was still present.  I finally had surgery from a world renowned surgeon at Cedars- Sinai, Dr. Wouter Schievink. He performed a laminectomy on my spine and patched two holes on my dura to repair the “CSF leak”.  After a month of no lifting (including my baby), I was free of these horrible headaches.  Wish I was free of the trauma too!

Though traumatic, this experience taught me the importance of finding the right doctor and advocating for your needs as a patient.  If I would have listened to my first doctor, I would still be in pain.

When you go into a beauty store, it’s easy to get mistaken for the average “migraine” sufferer looking for the same remedy.  Salespeople rarely take the time to help you find what’s right for you.  While most products in the beauty industry are great, they don’t always meet the needs of each individual customer.  When this happens, you can suffer longer than necessary with the same beauty problem just like I suffered with the same headache problem.

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To make sure you come home with the right products, I suggest asking your makeup salesperson the following three questions:


1 – Why do I need this product?

Sure the product is packed with great features and benefits. But what makes it great for you?  If you are buying a best-selling foundation, is it going to minimize your pores, help with your rosacea, or eliminate your problems with acne?  Make sure you know before you buy.


2 – Is this product the best out there?

Next, make sure there isn’t something better.  Obviously you have to keep your budget in mind.  However, remember that stores have goals.  They will push a certain product even if there is a better one for you. If you are not convinced that the product is the best available, ask for a sample.


3 – Will this product still look good in two years?

Unless you are a makeup junkie, make sure to invest in products that will still be in style in two years.  This is especially true with color products like lipstick and eyeliner.  Don’t waste your money on a trend product like white eyeliner or a glittery colored eye shadow you may only use a few times. Instead, add value to your makeup collection with great neutral hues that will always be on trend.


Don’t be afraid to speak up or you might end up wasting makeup!  If you would like a personal makeup lesson in ArizonaI would be happy to help you.  You can also schedule a makeup class in AZ to learn more without the “headaches” and pressure from salespeople.

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