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This Nail Polish is Practically Magic!

I’ve been raving about this nail polish for a good week on my Instagram Stories, so I thought it was time to tell you more about it here. The nail polish does NOT need a base coat to work. You simply apply this top coat once you are finished.


  • It lasted for me. As I’m writing this, I am on day five and my nails still look perfect. This doesn’t even happen to me with gel nails.
  • It’s not super difficult to paint, and I used black! I couldn’t find the black color online at Ulta. The one I bought was from Walgreens.
  • CND is the company that first made Shellac. They produce high quality nail polishes, so I knew I was buying a good product.
  • The polish seems to get better the more time you spend outside. I love this because I am outside a lot with my kids.
  • It didn’t chip or budge during cleaning or when I was working with makeup.
  • The polish dries quickly.
  • It comes off with regular nail polish remover!!


Paint the caps of your nails first. This was a new concept to me until a friend suggested it. I never realized this was the best way to paint. You can see in the pictures how I am painting the tops first.

Use a concealer brush with nail polish remover to fix areas where you messed up.

Paint two coats of the polish and one coat of the top coat.

If you do get a chip, you can easily touch it up. This happened to me in one area because I was trying to remove a sticker from my counter and the rubbing motion lifted the polish from my nail. I used a little polish at the top of my nail and sealed it with a top coat. Then, I used my hair drier to quickly dry the polish so I wouldn’t ruin it. The nail looked awesome, and it allowed me to keep my nails looking good for a few days longer.

You can get the CND Vinylux polish at Walgreens or here.


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