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This Lip Product Doesn’t Even Come Off in the Shower!

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I’ve been obsessed with long-wearing lip color since before I can remember. It just seems wrong to have to reapply lipstick all day. I also hate the idea that the more color that drains off my lips, the less pretty I look.

My recent long wearing lip color favorite has been the popular liquid lipsticks from brands including Anastasia, Too Faced, Stila, Tarte, Revlon, and more. I love mixing them and concocting my perfect shade. I also love the texture that looks like a lipstick but wears so much longer than one. My absolute favorite thing about a liquid lipstick is that I can reshape the lips with it, unlike most stains. I feel my lips look more balanced, bigger, and simply better when I wear liquid lipsticks.

Before liquid lipsticks debuted, I swore by two products to achieve my lip look – stila’s lip stains and stila’s lip glosses. Given that these products each have a twist pen applicator, they tend to run out quickly. I usually replaced them every 6 weeks. I also had to coat about 5 layers of my favorite shade – raspberry crush – to get the pigment I was hoping for. This stayed much longer than other lip products, but by mid afternoon on most days I started to look and feel a little lackluster (and, so did my lips).

I recently tested a lip product that wears longer than anything I have tried. It’s called Lipsense. While it is harder to achieve the shaping results of the liquid lipstick that I love so much, it is a great option for people who want to apply lip color and have it last all day and all night. This product also will last much longer than the stain and gloss combo I relied on from stila for so long. It also doesn’t come off when you kiss your kids, which is a plus for many moms!



8 hours of perfect color!

My lip color wore all day and seriously did not even come off in the shower. The only thing I didn’t really like was the taste, but that seemed to wear off after an hour or so.

If you don’t like the bright pink color I chose, don’t worry – there are TONS of Lipsense shades. The application is a little more challenging than a traditional lipstick or gloss, so some people might benefit from starting with a lighter shade first. The lighter shades are also great for someone who is new to lip color and wants something subtle and easy to manage throughout the day.


A starter set is only $55, and it includes the lipcolor, the gloss, and the remover. Arguably the best part is how cute it will arrive on your doorstep! I mean, the package alone made my day! Check out @alldaylipsbyamanda for more details. She has a ton of great videos and helpful facts about this popular lip product.

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