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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

I have favorite products that will probably never change, including stila’s brow pen and laura mercier’s concealer. However, I fall in love with new things all the time. My list of favorite things grows or changes with time. Here are some of my current obsessions.

Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows. I love to layer them on top of eyeshadow with my fingers. I also noticed that a makeup artist I worked with in LA used them for the Oscars.

A High Quality Matte Shadow Palette Under $10. Wow. Such a good deal and the shadow quality was incredible. Good shadows should feel creamy and these ones do!

Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer. I’m not the hugest believer in eye shadow primer. I think you can easily achieve great looks without it. However, when your eyes are red and/or veiny, a color correcting primer can make a huge difference. It brightens the eyes and takes away the discoloration.

Maybelline’s New Mascara. If you need a cheap mascara that stays in place and will not flake, then Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot is for you. I love how fast it coats. It also makes the lashes look long and voluminous.

Highlighters. Highlighting or strobbing become increasingly popular. Instead of contouring, you can use a light reflecting product to draw attention to key features on the face. These products are also known as highlighters. Some of the most common are flesh tone. However, it is really popular right now to use ones with a purple hue for a brightening effect and a strong highlight. I’ve noticed that when I don’t highlight, people’s faces tend to look flatter.

Lipliners. I cannot tell you the amount of women who wish their lips were shaped differently. You don’t need injections to fix this problem. Instead, I use liquid lipstick and LIPLINER! I find that the liquid lipstick really stays put. Then, you can take the lip liner and add shape and definition to the area of the lips you want to correct.

Illuminating BB Cream. This is the most underrated product I own. I seriously use it for everything. It can work as my one step makeup for the day if I want to apply it all over my face. When I want more coverage, I use it as an under eye brightener. I also find that it erases makeup mistakes really quickly. For example, if you mess up your lipstick, use this product to clean it up. It’s truly a miracle worker. I almost always use it with this brush the smaller areas of the face – like around the lips or eyes. When I’m using it for fast makeup, I apply it with my fingers and press it into my face.



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