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There’s a Better Option Than BONE Eyeshadow

One of the best selling Mac eyeshadow is the color bone. It looks just like the bones of a skeleton, and it ironically can make your eyes look more dead than alive.  Why is it such a popular color?  Perhaps people haven’t realized that the nineties trend of wearing white shadow under the brow bone is over.   Maybe people wear Mac bone eyeshadow because it doesn’t look intimidating.  The truth is, there is probably a better option.bone eyeshadow

What’s Wrong With Bone?

While bone eyeshadow Bobbi Brown is a best seller, it isn’t necessarily the best eyeshadow for all women. Here’s why:

  • It doesn’t correct the discoloration in your eye area.
  • It is too much of a contrast for most skin tones.
  • Most bone eyeshadows do not have enough pigment in them to remove oil from the lids and smooth out the eye area.
  • The white color can make your eyes look gray, dull, and lifeless.

Choosing Base Eyeshadows

Bone eyeshadow is a great option for someone who is fair and has cooler undertones.  Unfortunately, I have found that the majority of people do not fit in this category.  This is why I like to suggest choosing a base eyeshadow that is one shade lighter than your skin.  When you do this, you still brighten your eye area without creating too harsh of a contrast.


The Benefits of a Yellow Based Eyeshadow

I personally love using yellow based eyeshadows as a base color.  An eyeshadow that has more yellow (like Stila’s Dune eyeshadow) is a great alternative to bone.  With this color, you can correct redness and discoloration on the eyelids.  As a result your eyes look bigger and more polished.

The next time you are shopping for makeup, look for a yellow based eyeshadow.  You will love what this basic shadow does to your eyes.  Believe me.  My makeup kit always has a few Stila Dune eyeshadows just to be safe!  xo


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  1. HELP! Stila’s Dune was my favorite base eye shadow OF ALL TIME!! They have quit making it!!! Most beige/taupe eye shadows turn orange-y on me. This was one of the few that did not. Do you have any recommended replacements for Dune?

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