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The Makeup You Need to Get Ready in 5 Minutes!

Last week, I taught my friends at Hand Lettered Design 5 minute makeup looks. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your makeup only took five minutes? Here is what you should focus on to achieve a 5 minute makeup look. You can add or take away products, but these are the key areas to focus on.

BB Cream, CC Cream, or Tinted Moisturizer

These are great because you can apply them quickly with your fingers. If you want smoother skin, go for a BB cream. If you skin has redness or hyperpigmentation, try the CC cream. If you need moisture or just a pick me up, try tinted moisturizer.

Here are my favorite options for these products:

Undereye Concealer

Even though you only have five minutes, it’s hard to skip the undereye concealer altogether. If I am in a hurry, I like to use stila’s illuminating BB cream on my face and under my eyes because its very brightening and helps minimize undereye problems.

For more coverage and fast application, try one of the following options:

Brow Gel

Brushing the brows up with brow gel really helps open up the eyes. If you need to fill in blank spaces or add color to your brows, try a tinted gel. If you just need to enhance the shape, use a clear one.

Here are two great options:

Champagne Shimmer Eyeshadow

The quickest way to add some life to your eyes is with a champagne shimmer eyeshadow. You can dust it all over your eyes to brighten. Or, you can use a chubby eyeshadow pencil so you don’t need a brush.

Try one of these:

Eyeliner & Mascara

Next choose an eyeliner and mascara that you prefer. Depending on your eye shape and lash preference, these products vary from person to person. If you want a defined line, I like using liquid eyeliner after mascara. If you want a softer line, look for an eyeliner with a smudger on the end and apply it before mascara.

Note, if you want to skip eyeliner to shorten the application, that is acceptable.


Cream blush is quick and easy to apply. It’s practically stoplight makeup, so you can even apply it on the go. Make sure to put it on the apples of your cheeks. If you want to, you can even dab some color on your lips.

Here’s the best expensive version and a cheap alternative:


Tinted Chapstick

Finish this look with your favorite lip color. If you are simple, tinted chapstick is the way to go, because you can keep it in your purse and touch up often. Pick up a few of your favorite shades from Burt’s Bees or splurge on my favorite luxurious one from Fresh!


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