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The Makeup I Would Take on a Deserted Island

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We’ve all been asked this question from time to time – “What would you take with you on a deserted island?”    I’m not going to lie.  I wouldn’t mind going all natural for awhile.  BUT, I think I’d get bored and want to look nice on occasion. On those days, I’d rely on the following products.

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

illuminating tinted moisturizer

I have SO much love for this product, it’s hard to contain.  It brings life to your skin after a hot day in the sun.  Even better, the peachy undertone and illumination helps brighten the darkness underneath my eyes.  It’s a miracle in a tube as far as I’m concerned.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel

tinted brow gel

When my brows look good, everything looks better.  I love how tinted brow gel keeps your brows in place and enhances their color and shape.  Plus, it is easy to apply – perfect if your were on a deserted island.

Tarte Lip Tint

lip tint

Tarte’s lip tints are a mixture of a lip stain and a gloss.  I love this concept for deserted island makeup or beauty on the go.  It is great for long wearing lip color and moisture.  I hate leaving the house with no lip color because I look lackluster and lifeless.  With some color on my lips, the beauty in my face comes alive.  I believe this is true for nearly all women.


Although I would love to bring more things to this deserted island, I’m sure I’d be limited.  Also, I’m banking on the sun providing me with rosy cheeks.  And, since I plan on going swimming a lot on this deserted island, I don’t plan on using mascara. Ha!


What makeup would you take with you???

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