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“Thank you so much! I loved the way you did my make up and it was really informative! It was so nice to feel pretty and like a woman for a night instead of just a mama!” –Karisa Peterson

“My friend said you are a miracle worker.  She is so happy.  Thanks so much.” –Sharon Hong


“Thanks for sharing your talents with me!! You are a doll!!”  –Geralene Beckett

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“Thank you so much for everything.  I really needed this.  You are the best!” – Caroline Stromberg

“Thanks for the fun class!  Can’t wait to try all your amazing tips and trips!” – Jenny Fitzgerald

“Thanks for making me feel pretty and sexy 😉 My husband loved it!” –Andrea Ohlwiler

“Loved the class tonight!” -Dannee Clyne

“Lindsey! Blown away by the fiber mascara. First, it arrived in like a day. Second, WAY easier to apply than I expected. Success the first time, and not more than maybe five minutes start to finish. Third, it looks shockingly like when I have had eyelash extensions, except it feels way more comfortable. And last, well… it DOES last. As long as you said…So, thank you. I am shocked I’m saying this, but it IS my new favorite makeup product. And it was less than my favorite department store mascara.” -Victoria McDaniel

“OMG. Thank you for this! I bought the NARS orgasm blush simply because it was raved about in so many reviews. I’ve been disappointed with it, but felt like I needed to stick with it and maybe I’d change my mind. I paid $30+ bucks for this blush! Should have returned it months ago.” Stefanie Young


If you want to feel pretty, like pretty enough to post a real life selfie then you need to make an appointment stat with my lovely friend Lindsey, over at – @paintingyoupretty , she is a celebrity makeup artist and is so educated and sweet, you will fall in love with her in no time.”

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