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Five Surprising Reasons Your Skin is Suffering

I have a love-hate relationship with my skin.  The second it looks great, I start to notice little breakouts.  Although minor, I really want nothing more than smooth skin like my one-year old. One of my friends has baby-like skin.  I’m secretly jealous, and I’ll admit to trying everything she uses.  It only made my skin worse! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?   I’ve learn to listen to my skin and avoid some of the suprising things that make your skin suffer.

1 – Dirty Pillowcases


They say you should sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles.  I’m sure there’s some truth behind that.  I think you should sleep on your back to avoid clogged pores.  I’m a side sleeper – and, I favor one side over the other.  That side ALWAYS has clogged pores.  I think I need a clean pillowcase every night.  The dirt on my pillow from one night of sleep is enough to hurt my skin.  Think about it.  You spend a 1/3 of your day on that pillow.  Don’t you think you should change it more often???

2 – Your Cellphone

talking on the phone

When I lived in California, the cellphone laws really helped my skin.  Hands-free talking was the only legal way to communicate on the road. It’s amazing what avoiding face to face contact with your phone during two hours of traffic can do for your skin. Mine looked better in no time.

3 – Chlorine


Whenever you go the pool, it is important to remove the chlorine from your body.  That’s what the pool showers are for – right??  I’m sure that is one of their intended purposes.  However, it is really important to remove chlorine from your entire body with a good soap.  A lot of times a hot shower or a gentle soap will not remove it from your skin. If this happens, the chlorine might react to what you put on your skin later.  I always feel like my skin gets worse after I go to the pool.  NO WONDER!

4 – Waxing Too Often


A lot of people get irritated with waxes.  This is why I prefer female face shaving!  If you do like to wax, make sure you wait three weeks.  When you do this, you will not be waxing over raw skin.  Ouch!

5 – Eating Too Much Salt


If your skin is dry, then it might be because you have a lot of salt in your diet.  If you don’t want to lay off the salt, then just make sure you use a good moisturizer!  It’s important for your skin to stay hydrated – french fries or not!



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