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Secrets From Celebrity Hairstylists

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I thought it was time to take a break from my ordinary makeup posts to talk about hair.  I realize I’m not a professional hairstylist, but I have seen these talented individuals in action more times than I can count.  Celebrity hairstylists are so amazing I wish I  could have one on retainer.  I’ve tried to recreate their magic on my own, but I lack the skills, viewpoint, and time.  If you want your hair to look better, here are some of the secrets I’ve learned from working with them.

Hair Always Needs to Be Touched Up

sarah ken

Hairstylists are constantly touching up hair. This is because hair MOVES!  It falls out of place easily unlike makeup.  My friend Sarah Lucero is good friends with celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves.  One day I asked her what her secret was to her amazing locks.  I thought she was going to tell me to go get a certain product or style it a certain way.  NOPE!  She said that Ken is always playing with her hair and that’s why it looks so good.  Can I have a Ken?  But really!!  Since, I don’t I guess I need to look in the mirror often and touch up my own hair throughout the day.

Dirty Hair is Easier to Style

Many celebrity hairstylists prefer to style dirty hair.  They say clean hair harder to curl and it does not style as well.  No wonder my hair usually looks best on the second day after I’ve washed my hair.

Blow Out Dry Hair


Do you want to add life to your hair?  I’ve seen several hairstylist blow out dry hair.  Crazy right?  I can’t do this regularly because my hair will break.  But, when I want it to look good, I do brush through it with a blow drier.  This trick gives my hair added volume and style.

Use More Tools Than a Curling Iron

hair campaign copy

You should see the tools a celebrity hairstylists carries on hand.  In this hair campaign above, the celebrity hairstylist used a blow drier, curling iron, waver, and flat iron to create the look.  I attempted to recreate the look myself one day.  It took an hour and a half.  No wonder my hair doesn’t look like this each day!

Extensions Make a Difference

cc skye

Almost everyone has extensions in their hair for photo shoots.  Several layers of extensions were added to this model above because the art director wanted longer, fuller hair.  A lot of times extensions are simply added for bulk like they are in this photo of Summer Glau.



c. Jonathan Ressler

Get Your Hair Cut When It’s Dry

One of the best tips I learned was that you should never get your hair cut when it’s wet – especially if you are growing it out.  If you hair is dry, the hairstylist can see the hair that actually needs to be cut from your hair.  When it’s wet, they usually cut too much.

ema em

Add in Bronzing Gel For Shine

Whenever I worked with Emmanuelle, her hairstylist always mixed bronzing gel with a serum to create a beautiful shine with a lovely glow.  I love to do this when my hair looks dull.

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