5 Reasons Your Undereye Concealer Isn’t Working

Undereye puffiness and darkness is one of the most common complaints among women of all ages, and there are many products that can help with this. When I posted about eyeliner recently, I talked about how it was important to find the right product. While the right product will help you with your concealer, there are also other key things to understand and do to get this part of makeup right. Here are a few reasons why your undereye concealer is not working.

1- WRONG COLOR. The most common reason people struggle with undereye concealer is because the color is wrong. I suggest finding one that blends with your skintone. Usually something with a little peach or orange can correct the blue under the eye. If the concealer is too light, it looks grey. If it is too dark, it often looks yellow.

2- DRY EYES. When your eyes are dry, it is hard for concealer to look good. Dryness makes the concealer look thick and dull. If your eyes are dry, make sure to use an eye cream regularly. You can also use my favorite brightening product, which smoothes dryness and helps the concealer blend better.

3- TOO MUCH. It’s important to understand, a little concealer goes a long way. If you apply too much, it will start to settle in the crevasses and fine lines around the eyes. Using a concealer brush can help you avoid over applying concealer. If you don’t want to spend very much, this one will work too.

4- WRONG AREA. You do not need to apply concealer under the entire eye area. Instead, try focusing on the inner and outer edges of the eyes. Apply it to areas that are dark. Also, apply it underneath puffiness to conceal the shadow that this eye problem creates. Then, blend.

5- APPLYING BEFORE FOUNDATION. Eye concealer is one of the last things I apply when I do makeup. This allows me to brighten and correct this vital area of the eye. If I apply it before foundation, I risk removing it during the foundation application. I also do not like to apply it before eye shadow because then eye shadow can mix with the concealer.


I use this highlighting product under everyone’s eyes and a little bit of full coverage concealer. If you do not want to invest in these products, my favorite drugstore alternative is this one. Good luck mastering your concealer!

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