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QUICK MAKEUP – Microbladed Brows and Bold Lips

Meet pretty, Liz. She is low maintenance and doesn’t like to spend too much time getting ready – especially with a four year old, two year old, and newborn. She gets her lashes done regularly and recently had her brows microbladed by Annie from the.browneyed.girl.

Liz told me that she loves that her lashes and brows help her to look better without makeup. When she does do makeup, she might add a little to her brows or groom the hairs. I feel like this is common with most people who like microblading. They want to look better everyday, and they also do not want it to take very long when they do apply makeup.

When most people come to me with microbladed brows, I like to add a tinted brow gel over top so their hairs match the tattoo. This doesn’t take very long, and there are several inexpensive tinted brow gels. I didn’t feel like Liz needed a brow gel. However, she did want her brows groomed. A simple way to do this is with brow shavers. These are much easier than plucking your hairs. You can follow the shape of your tattoo to get rid of the hairs above and below the brow shape. Most people do this once a week.

If you want to add some quick makeup to these more permanent features, it is important to choose products that pop. Here is a run down off the products I used:




Laura Mercier caviar stick in copper

Urban Decay waterline eyeliner in rail

Stila Liquid Liner in black


Laura Mercier Candleglow foundation

Rimmel Highlight and Correct concealer


Stila Bronzer

Stila Convertible Color in Lillium


Stila Liquid Lipstick in Bacca


***To simplify this look, you could forgo the eyeliner and bronzer. This would leave you with five products you could apply in less than five minutes!

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