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Q&A With Charlie Riddle, Head of Artistry for Jane Cosmetics

Jane Cosmetics is truly a unique cosmetics company, with a mission to and teach others to be kind. I LOVE THIS! I think it is amazing to see a makeup brand focus not only on enhancing the outside features of the face, but also what is on the inside. Because at the end of the day, both of those things make us pretty.
So when I had the chance to interview Jane’s Head of Artistry, Charlie Riddle, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is he friends with my makeup mentor and bff, Sarah Lucero, but he is also an amazing makeup artist. Even better, he shares my makeup philosophy that you don’t need to change who you are to look beautiful. He’s awesome, and you will love getting to know more about him and the amazing company he is the head artist for.

How did you get your start in the makeup industry?

Growing up, I had constant breakouts that impacted my self confidence, so I turned to a concealer for the first time. This one product ignited a spark of confidence in me and made me realize that makeup was truly a power of confidence from within. I realized if I could pass this feeling along to others it would be the most rewarding of all.

Tell us about Jane.

Jane is different from any company I’ve worked for. We focus on having fun with makeup and on enhancing beauty rather than changing it.  We believe that beauty comes from within and work to inspire and teach young girls to be kind to one another.

What is your favorite product from Jane?

I am absolutely in love with all of the lipsticks and lip glosses! The color palette is so beautiful and very wearable for all skin tones.

Who is Jane for? Teens, moms, older women? 

Jane is definitely appealing to teenagers and college age girls who want the prestige formulas and boutique packaging at a great value. However, the pretty packaging and vibrant color palettes make it suitable for women of all ages.

Do you have any tips to help women better apply their own makeup?

I always tell women to choose their favorite feature about themselves and make that the focus. Whether it be the eyes, lips, or cheeks, enhance that feature and let it shine for the world to see!

What are some of your best tips for quick makeup application for busy moms and/or teens who don’t have a lot time to get ready?

Don’t over complicate the routine! Stick with a 5 minute makeup easy routine. With Jane I always suggest mascara, blush, a rosy colored gloss, bronze eyeshadow palette and a foundation.

Jane has a unique philosophy about giving back. Tell us about that.

Our owner Lynn Tilton truly believes in starting a movement with Jane.  Although we sell makeup, we will also always work with various charity’s and try to spread the message that it is cool to be kind. We also try to involve young girls in our efforts.

What products are your go-to for giving women the confidence they need?

Always blush because it makes you look lit from within! Mascara because it opens up your eyes to the world. And lipstick because it’s putting a topcoat on an already beautiful smile!

You get to work with my friend and mentor, Sarah Lucero. What have you learned from her and how has she helped you grow in your career?

Sarah is a beacon of light in sometimes a very competitive industry. Sarah is always wanting to see people grow and develop, which is truly the definition of a great mentor. Sarah is so positive and happy that people are just drawn to her infectious energy.  She’s truly a Stila Star.

Finally, tell us about any career highlights you have experienced.

Hands down getting to work with Wish Upon a Teen Charity for their annual Prom. It is amazing to see young girls (who are often in long term hospital stays) get one night to be carefree, try on makeup, dress up, and dance.
Charlie’s career highlight gives you a little insight into the amazing person that he is. After all, one look at his instagram profile, and you will see recent celebs he’s done makeup for or pictures of him working backstage at fashion week. His humility and kindness truly makes him a great fit for Jane’s head artist.
To purchase Jane products, head to janecosmetics.com. You can also buy it at select Rite Aids and on target.com. Target is my favorite option because I use my Red Card to get free shipping and 5% off!!  If you want to buy my favorite Jane product, then click here for an amazing eye shadow primer that’s half the price of the popular alternatives. Even better, it works just as well! While you are shopping, you might as well pick up some glitter eyeliner as well. Because, the more glitter, the better!

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