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Pregnancy Makeup – Helpful Tips to Look Your Best

Makeup during pregnancy can be fun and challenging. When you as beautiful as my friend Tiffany, pregnancy makeup is easy. Regardless of whether you are about to pop or you just found out you are expecting, the goal of pregnancy makeup should be to enhance your glow and to cover the problems that can arise from the hormonal changes that are occurring. Here are some suggestions to help you look your best:

Up Your Coverage

Many pregnant women suffer from breakouts or get a “pregnancy mask” also known as melasma. Upping the coverage of your typical foundation can help your skin look a little better. Keep in mind, you don’t necessary need something heavy. Instead, look for something that will stay on and counteract the discoloration and blemishes along your face. Tiffany is wearing this foundation. However, you can also mix in concealer with your current foundation for added coverage. This option is a great way to save a little money. A pin size amount of concealer mixed with foundation can significantly improve the coverage.

Add in Bronzer

If you are not using bronzer already, you might want to. A matte bronzer can add shape to your face, and it is much easier than contouring. I use it religiously when I am pregnant to help me look a little less plump! Ha! When you are bronzing, I like a flat brush because it lays the product on your face so you don’t mess up the foundation you have already applied.

Adjust Your Skincare If Needed

Your makeup will look best when your skin is balanced. Unfortunately, hormonal changes in the skin can create excess dryness or oiliness. It’s important to address these issues so your makeup applies better. For people with oily skin, I like to use makeup wipes to clean the face and remove oil right before I apply foundation. If necessary, I also use a primer. When the skin is drier, it’s important to invest in a good moisturizer.

Don’t Forget About Blush and Lipstick

Finally, don’t forget about your blush and lip color. Sometimes, it’s tempting to opt out of these products that draw attention to the face. However, they enhance the pregnancy glow. Blush and lip color will also help you look less tired.




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