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Powder Foundation vs Liquid Foundation

I grew up on MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.  It’s all I knew and it seemed to work fine for my dry skin.  I never even realized there was something better out there that could vastly improve my look and my skin  Then I tried Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation.  Albeit a BIG step up from powder, it was the perfect thing my dry skin needed.  My skin looked alive again.  After, I wondered why I used to brush so much “sand” on my face.

I’m sure I was afraid to try a liquid foundation, fearing it would look too cakey.  This is a worry most women have when they are comparing powder foundation vs liquid foundation.  The amazing thing is, the opposite is actually true.  Regardless of age (even for teens) liquids are usually better.  Here’s why:


liquid foundations

Liquids blend into your skin. Most of today’s liquid makeups blend into the skin so you don’t see lines where the makeup ends and your skin begins – especially if you choose a lightweight product.  When you use a powder, it sits on top of your skin and is actually more noticeable.

Liquids cover better. Since liquids blend into your skin, you will get better coverage.  The pigments in liquids actually correct the discoloration in your skin.  A powder simply sits on top. To get more coverage, you have to pile quite a bit of product on your face.  This ends up looking cakey – especially for someone with redness or dark spots.

Liquids make the skin look smoother. The texture of liquids can enhance the appearance of your skin.  A lightweight liquid foundation can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.  Powder, on the other hand, can make you look dull, and it can easily sit in the pores and wrinkles of your face.

Liquids stay on. When you apply a liquid it lasts throughout  the day, unlike powder that rubs off your face.  Liquid foundation is less likely to wipe off on your shirt or someone else’s clothing.

Liquids come in more options. There are several options to help you select the right liquid foundation for your needs.  You can choose a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream, illuminating foundation, oil free foundation, or full coverage foundation.

Liquids look better on camera. Liquids are the foundation of choice for makeup artists because of the excellent way they photograph.  Powders have too much talc, and they can make your skin look white or dull in a picture.


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When to Use Powder Foundations:

  • They can be used to set your makeup and give extra coverage to your look.
  • Powder foundations are great for quick touch ups.
  • They work well if you need to cover acne.  I like to use them underneath concealer.  This helps your makeup stick to acne spots that need to be concealed.


Finally, there is NO need to worry that liquid foundations are bad for your skin.  I’d way rather you put a thin layer of liquid foundation on your skin than five layers of powder all over your face.  Also, most liquid makeups are made with good ingredients.  Some are even helpful for anti-aging!  BONUS!

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    1. It’s hard to pick favorites, because I usually choose based on skin type. However, I like stila, makeup forever face and body, Koh gen do, tarte, chanel, bobbi brown, ysl. I recommend looking for something more lightweight that covers.

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