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Personal Shopping Now Available

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 A few people have asked if I offer personal shopping services.  I’d love nothing more than to spend some time shopping for makeup with you.  This service has now been added to my cheap Arizona makeup artist prices.  It’s only $40, and it includes the following:

Makeup Spring Cleaning: We will go through your makeup and determine what you should keep and what you should toss

Makeup Shopping Within Your Budget: We will shop for what you need based on your budget.  The goal is to get as many products that you need within your price range. I will help you determine the best products based on the following:

  • skin type
  • coverage needs
  • lifestyle (active, businesswoman, fashionista, mom, etc.)
  • what will enhance your features
  • how long you are going to spend doing your makeup
  • what is in style
  • your age

Makeup for the Future: In most cases, people cannot purchase everything they want in one shopping trip.  For this reason, we will plan for the future.  This eliminates the pressure to compromise in terms of quality just so you can get everything at once.  Instead, you can prioritize what you need now, and plan to get the rest later.

Contact me today for more information on personal shopping at paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.  I do not work on commission, and it will feel like you are shopping with a friend.  The best part is, I have experience that will help you make the best choices with your beauty budget!

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