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Paint By Numbers – Makeup Made Easy

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Consultations are a great way to learn how to do your makeup better, but there are people who really want to excel at the makeup application process. This takes practice, and you get better the more you do it.

If you are worried about forgetting everything you learn while you meet with me, I have created a new Product Application Guide! I like to think of these as your “makeup meal plan.” They allow you to literally paint your face by following the letters on the chart. The guide also comes with step by step instructions that you can use daily in your bathroom. My mom uses her guide every time she does her makeup, and she really has mastered the application process. If she needs help, we go over it during a follow up visit.

Here are some examples of Product Application Guides:

Makeup 2

Makeup 21


application guide Makeup

application guide

I will scan them and email them to you after your consultation is over so you can use it as a guide the next time you do your makeup. The small $15 fee is minimal compared to the value it will provide you daily as you apply your makeup!

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