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Old Wives Tale? Does Shaving Your Hair Make it Grow Back Thicker??

Are you weary of shaving the peach fuzz on your mustache, face, or brow area because of the old wives tale that shaving your hair will make it grow back thicker?  A lot of people fear this will happen if they pull out a razor to avoid the costly wax.  The good news is, there is no evidence that your hair will grow back any thicker.  In fact, your skin might prefer it.  Waxes can be harsh on the skin.  Have you ever seen someone’s skin turn red and bumpy after a wax?  Ouch!  If you like your regular waxes, great.  But, if you are tired of scheduling an appointment with the esthetician, try this option instead.

Dry Razor



My mom actually taught me this trick!  We both use a dry razor to remove the peach fuzz and small hairs on our face. No creams are necessary when you are shaving.  If your hairs are light like mine, try to pick a well lit area so you can see what hairs need to be removed.  For minimal irritation, shave right after you get out of the shower.  This is when the hair follicles are open, making it easy to remove unwanted hair.

Types of Razors

I like to use less expensive razors when I am shaving.  You can also get special razors that are made to groom the problem areas of your face.  The Sally Hanson razors are made speciality to remove hair around the brows, upper lip, and bikini area.  The one below is made by Ardell and is specifically for removing stray brow hairs.

face razors


Sally Hansen Get in Shape 

ardell shaver


Ardell Brow Shapers

brow shaver


Are Razors for Everyone?

When I was doing makeup at a Sephora wedding, one of the bridesmaids apologized to me that she had forgotten to get her lip waxed.  I told her not to worry, we could shave it.  She was stunned, and relieved.  Not only would she look better for the wedding, she wouldn’t have to pay for waxes!!!!  Unless you have thick facial hair on your skin, razors are a great time and money saver.

sephora wedding

If you do have coarse hair on your face, then a wax might be a better alternative.  Also, laser hair removal is something to consider.  Fortunately, this is rare for most women and there are several great over the counter waxes that work well.


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  1. This is not true. I shaved my elderly mother’s facial hair and it came back more course and there was more of it. Maybe it doesn’t affect you hair when you are younger but believe me, it does when you get older!

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