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My Take on Angelina’s Makeup Mishap

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If you haven’t seen this shocking image of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, you are probably one of the few.  I love Angelina’s classic beauty.  As a celebrity makeup artist that now provides low cost AZ makeup artist servicesI am constantly inspired by her red carpet allure.  There’s no one that rocks a better cat eye.  However, this makeup mistake is hard to overlook.  If she was having an allergic reaction to bad mascara or eyeliner that might be a different story.  Instead, she looks like she has flour on her face.  Did she just finish making bread?

I believe Angelina’s makeup mishap is a result of incorrect powder and contouring.  Here is why these problems occurred so you can avoid them in the future:


To begin with, Angelina has way too much powder on her face.  She appears to be wearing a white translucent color that is meant for film. Flesh tone powders work better as they do not show up white from the camera flash.  A foundation should be chosen that works for an individual’s skin type alleviating the need for extra powder. If your skin isn’t too oily, use a pressed version. 

Angelina’s powder is applied on the wrong areas of her face.  Cheeks usually don’t have a lot of oil, so there’s no need to over powder.  No worries, your makeup will still stay on!
On the red carpet, skin should look healthy and natural.  Too much makeup (and powder) distracts from anyone’s beautiful facial features.


Some makeup artists like to apply powder on top of the jaw bone to add definition.  This might be why Angelina has so much white on her chin.  According to the late makeup expert, Kevyn Aucoin, this is NOT how you contour.  He suggests minimal highlighting around the lip area.
To define the jaw, brush bronzer around the jawline and down your neck.  This looks more natural and eliminates the risk of a bad photo.

Don’t have an  Angelina Jolie makeup mishap especially when having professional photographs taken (think wedding, yikes!).  Schedule a makeover with me.  I promise to get you ready for the camera and you’ll look beautiful.

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