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My Favorite Beauty Pick-Me-Ups

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It’s been a difficult last few days at my house.  My husband’s been sick.  Then, I got sick.  My little boy’s been teething.  I think I can speak for all us and say that we are anxious to feel better.  Unfortunately that’s easier said than done – especially with a teething baby.  His poor teeth are taking forever to grow in as you might be able to tell by looking at this photo:

Harvey turns one tomorrow, and he wore this hat while we walked around all of Walmart.  He smiled at just about everyone while I searched for some ribbon to wrap his presents.  Would you believe they sell chevron print ribbon there?  Somewhere along our journey, Harvey threw out the packaging for his party hats and Walmart had no choice but to gift them to him for his birthday.  THANK YOU WALMART!  I consider it one of life’s blessings – especially to a teething baby and a mother trying to keep a baby boy happy.
I think we all have our moments like this.  We are not feeling that great, but we just need to put on our “hat”, and feel happy.  Fortunately, the beauty world provides us with great pick-me-ups that allow us to feel better about ourselves when we are feeling down.  Most people turn to the products they do not need in these moments – eyeliner, mascara, foundation.  I am a firm believer that the following three things will provide the greatest pick-me-up in your time of need.  Even better, they also provide the polishing for your everyday makeup looks.
1 – Illumination
I have met so many women who are afraid of the word illuminating.  This makeup term does not necessarily mean shimmer or glitter.  I like to think of it as a subtle glow.  When an illuminating cream is used correctly, it can add life to your skin.  If your skin is oily, you can apply it under your eyes and around your cheekbones.  If your skin is normal, you can apply this cream all over your face.  Stila makes two great options:
illuminating tinted moisturizer – my favorite if you have dark circles or puffiness under your eyes.  this is also great if your skin is dry.
illuminating beauty balm – a great product for people who need extra coverage.  it smooths the skin without looking like makeup.

2 – Blush

When you are sick or tired, blush can add life to your face.  Many women fear that they will look like a clown with blush.  This is not the case.  Instead, you should pick a color that coordinates well with your lip color.  Then, apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend.  I prefer blushes without shimmer.  I also like creme blushes in Arizona in because of the dry weather.

3 – Lip Gloss

Finally, add a little life back to your lips with some gloss.  A little shine is a great way to brighten your face.  If you do not like gloss, try a tinted lip balm.  These are some of my favorite options to try:

Urban Decay Lip Junkie – these have a minted feeling that are supposed to plump your lips.  I’ve never seen those results, but I do love the texture.
Jane pH Adjusting Stain Gloss – this is great because it gives you a little color on your lips and it feels nice.  It doesn’t stay on very long though.
Stila Lip Glaze. I love this gloss because it stays on the longest.
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. A great lip balm with a little color.  I love wearing this over lip stains.
Ulta Tinted Lip Balm. A bargain tinted balm.  Provides you with just a little bit of color and shine.

You can learn more of these makeup tips at my makeup classes.  Or, schedule your appointment with a cheap AZ makeup artist today.  My affordable rates will provide you with a high quality experience that was good enough for celebrities!  For more information, my email is paintingyoupretty@gmail.com

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