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Mother’s Day Specials Available!

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Happy Mother’s Day to week to all of the moms out there!  I know this blog is about makeup, but I thought I’d give my own mother (pictured with me on the left) a personal shout out.  If it weren’t for her, I’d never be where I am today. She is my biggest supporter and motivator.  When I was first starting out as a makeup artist, she used to let me practice random things on her, like applying individual bottom lashes.  She was there when I did my first fashion show and by biggest fashion show. She’s always been there.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  I look up to her everyday.

I hope we can all find a way to honor our mother’s this week.  If the mother in your life or the mom of your child loves makeup, I am offering the following specials:

  • gift certificate for a makeover & tutorial session – $40. during this low cost AZ makeover, your mom will receive extra instruction to help her do her makeup better.  she will leave feeling beautiful, like she is ready for the red carpet.  Lashes are included.  (an extra $15 fee if you want the makeover at your mom’s house).
  • personal shopping – $30. I will shop for your wife or mom. for the best results, send me pictures of her makeup and a picture of her.  Then, give me a budget.  (an extra $10 for delivery unless you live in my neighborhood).
  • shopping recommendations – $15. i will tell you what to buy for your wife or mom.  for the best results, send me pictures of her makeup and a picture of her.  Then, give me a budget.  I will give you a list of products to buy and tell you where to go (online is ok – you can even send it to my house!)

For more information on how to make your wife or mom’s mother’s day special with the help of a celebrity makeup artist, contact me.

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