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More Eye Concealer Tips on Arizona Midday

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If there’s one part of makeup women get frustrated with, it is under eye concealer. There are so many options to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Even more, where do you apply it? I broke it down for you on my segment with Arizona Midday.

Two Part Process

During the demonstration, I mentioned eye concealer being a two-step process for me. First, I brighten and highlight certain areas of the eye with a product that illuminates. My personal favorite is this one from stila. Although it’s not meant for specific under eye use, it works miracles under the eyes. Consider it your instant nap. It will also help visually lift the shadows caused puffiness or indentations in the eye area from your bones.

After highlighting, you can move on to concealer. I prefer to use concealers that have peach and orange under tones because they correct blueness that is often present around the eyes. I showed a concealer by Kevyn Aucoin that is a favorite among makeup artists. It has a great flesh like texture, and it is also waterproof. A little goes a LONG WAY with this concealer. You can apply it with this brush.

For a Simpler Alternative….

If this two part process sounds overwhelming to you, these concealers from Rimmel are ideal. They have a highlight built into the concealer. This way you can get similar results in less time. It’s also nice if you are new to concealer or not as concerned about darkness. However, if you want something that really covers, it is worth it to use the Kevyn Aucoin concealer.

No Concealer on the Eyelids

For most people, it might be surprising how little concealer is needed to make the eye area look good! Too often, the concealer is placed under the entire eye. Then, it settles into the lines and looks heavy. If you apply concealer on your eyelids, it can make your eyeshadow look cakey and cause it to smudge. Fortunately, there are products that can help you if you feel like your eye lids need some extra coverage. This urban decay primer is ideal for discoloration along the eyelids. Even better, it also helps keeps your eye makeup in place.

Set With Powder

For the longest lasting concealer, it is smart to set with a little powder. Avoid any powders that are too heavy. Instead, use something lightweight and refined. Becca’s loose powder is one of my favorites for under the eyes because it helps make the skin look visually smoother while helping the concealer stay on!

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