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Melt Proof Your Makeup

It’s hotter than hot in Arizona right now, which means I’m hibernating inside. If you do not see me until fall, that’s why. On the days I do go outside, I make sure to rely on high quality makeup that will hold up in this terribly hot weather.


Stila’s line of stay all day products are some of my favorites for hot weather, weddings, or long days. They do more than stay on, they also look good. Here are a few tips on how to use them to get the best results.


Stay All Day Foundation

I love, love, love the texture of this foundation. It’s not matte, and it’s not super illuminating. It’s the ideal satin finish for someone looking for coverage. The key is to not overdo it by applying too much. This makes it look cakey. I personally LOVE applying it with the beauty blender.

Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Pen

This brow pen is probably my favorite product. YEP. I said FAVORITE. You can create hairlike strokes with the pen and fill in gaps in your brows. For the best results, use a brow gel first and brush your brows up. This way you see the shape of your brows and know where to fill in and define.

Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

There is no better liner for your cat eye or tight line. There’s a reason this is a best seller. It’s because it is the best. Other eyeliners come close to this one, but none are quite as good. Sarah Lucero, from stila, taught me to apply it after mascara. This is the best trick ever. The mascara creates a nice shelf and gives you leverage so you can create the thinnest line or boldest cat eye.

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

These liquid lipsticks have changed the way I think about lip products. I love that they look more like lipstick, but work more like a long wearing stain. If you do not want the full pigment look, try dotting the color along your lips with the wand. Then, blend it by pressing your lips together or with your fingers. I love the flushed look that this creates. I also mix my liquid lipsticks to create several different shades.


The best thing about all of these products is they wear well. They won’t come off the second you walk out of the door or even when you are sitting outside in the 100 plus degree heat. They are great options if you need melt proof makeup!

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  1. Thanks for the makeup tips! I struggle with eyeliner. Do you recommend the intense black for everyone when you do the thin upper lash line?

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