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Meet Sarah Lucero Celebrity Makeup Artist

If there was ever a day when luck was on my side, it was the day I met Sarah Lucero.  That day ten years ago,  I met one of Victoria Beckham’s future makeup artists.  Sarah taught a makeup training and inspired a passion in me that changed my life and future career.  I had no clue at the time that Sarah was destined for so much success and willing to mentor me along her journey.

About Sarah

Sarah is now Stila’s global spokesperson, head makeup artist, and a top celebrity makeup artist.  How fortunate I have been to learn directly from her all of these years!  Sarah is not only talented, but she is genuine, kind, smart, driven, and successful.  I’ve watched her as an expert makeup artist on TV, as the lead makeup artist during fashion week, and personally as she has overcome breast cancer.


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Sarah’s Artistry

To be called one of Victoria Beckham makeup artist is quite the accomplishment.  But it’s not surprising when you see how glamorous Victoria looks on the Elle Singapore Cover or at the Met Gala.  I learned the following from her recently:

  • Sarah only uses Stila’s CC cream on Victoria.  VB doesn’t like a lot on her skin and it’s more oily.  The CC covers really well and helps Victoria’s skin look amazing and natural at the same time.
  • Sometimes Sarah uses Stila’s kitten glitter eyeliner on the center on Victoria’s eyes for extra pop.  That’s how she created the glamorous her look on her eyes at the Met Gala.
  • For Sarah’s own makeup, she switched from black to navy liquid eyeliner.  According to her, “navy is the new black” because it really brightens the eyes.


A Lifelong Friendship

Throughout the years, my relationship with Sarah developed into a lifelong friendship.  I now consider her one of my closest friends.  She’s one of the only people who understands my weird sense of humor or gets my obsession with Pat McGrath and Anna Wintour!  There are so many times when I realize how fortunate I was to work side by side with a true friend.

You can following Sarah on Instagram @sarahuluceroglam to see her work, learn tips, and get a sneak peak of life as a celebrity makeup artist.  I love you Sarah!!! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Meet Sarah Lucero Celebrity Makeup Artist”

  1. I had the same luck on my side about 9 years ago when I had my very first training with the talented Sarah Lucero.

    Being a makeup artist myself, Sarah has been my more than just a role model. She has inspired me to be the best version of myself. Her spirit and energy, has been so inspirational.

    1. Sara! Thanks for sharing. Did she train you at Sephora or for Stila? I don’t know if you remember me but we worked at fashion show together a few times. xoxoxo.

  2. La Donna Christensen

    I am a fairly recent addition to the Stila team in Sacramento, Ca! I can’t wait for my opportunity to meet and to obtain invaluable training from Sarah Lucero! She is truly an inspiration!!! 🙂

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