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Makeup Testing on Animals – What the Packaging Doesn’t Tell You…

One of my ALL TIME favorite movie characters is Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde.  I loved her so much I wore pink religiously for a few years.  My love for pink has calmed a little, but it hasn’t died.  My wedding ring is pink.  I have a bright pink KitchenAid and four pairs of pink shoes residing in my closet.  Elle Woods would be proud!  

When I watched her on the big screen, I was instantly taken by her persona.  Elle is not the ordinary heroine, but she seems to come out victorious every time – especially in the sequel when she lobbies against companies testing cosmetics on animals.  Although not a dog lover myself, I was saddened by what was taking place.

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Over the years, I have met people who are very passionate about this issue.  They want to know before they buy.  Why support a company that tests on animals?  I totally understand this philosophy.  However, I feel consumers don’t get the full picture of how the cosmetics industry works.

This quick rundown is my take on the product development process to help you understand:

  • First, a cosmetic company travels to different places in search of new products.  They might attend trade shows or visit the current manufacturers they already deal with.
  • Sometimes the cosmetic company brings ideas to the manufacturer.  For example:  They request the manufacturer to design a foundation with a built-in concealer.
  • Then, the manufacturer comes up with samples.
  • After the samples are made, a product goes through testing. I had the pleasure of testing several samples on myself!  NO ANIMALS were involved!
  • Once a product meets expectations, it goes into production.
  • While on the shelves, it is constantly evaluated for quality assurance.

Simply put, cosmetic companies don’t actually make their products nor do they personally test on animals.  They don’t speak on behalf of the shop in China, Germany or Japan that do the manufacturing.  However, there are certain countries outside the US that do require animal testing.  Although I would hate for people to think all our beloved cosmetic brands contract with manufacturers in countries that require that type of testing, some do.

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If this is clearly a deciding factor when you go to purchase cosmetics, there are websites that can give you information on what companies’ products are being tested on animals.  You can also stick to natural makeup brands and brushes that are made out of synthetic fibers.  These products are less likely to involve animal testing.

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