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Makeup for 100+ Degrees… YIKES!

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I have yet to meet anyone who is fond of the Arizona summer, when the temperatures rise above 100. I’m pretty sure most of us simply deal with the heat and try our best to stay inside without going crazy. When you do go outside, what should you do with your makeup? Is it even worth it to wear any? These suggestions can help you look your best no matter how hot it gets outside.

Use the Right Foundation

When it’s hot, and you’re likely to sweat, choosing the right foundation is vital. Stila’s stay all day foundation is amazing for hot weather. However, if your skin is dry, you might prefer something more moisturizing like this option. I also like oil free tinted moisturizers because they cover really well and double as a moisturizer and foundation. This way you need less on your skin. The more layers you add to your face, the higher the chance of your makeup melting. So, try to use as little foundation as necessary to get the job done. If you tend to be heavy handed with your foundation, try using the beauty blender.


When in Doubt Use Waterproof and Stains

For color products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick, it’s a good idea to use waterproof products or something that stains. Laura Mercier’s caviar sticks are a great alternative to traditional eyeshadow because they are a waterproof cream version. You can also use a primer underneath your typical eyeshadow that will help it stay on better. Primers also help eyeliner and mascara stay on better.

Stains are awesome for the lips and cheeks because they make you look healthy and fresh for summer. They also stay in place. Benefit’s benetint is a wonderful product that you can use on both the lips and cheeks. It comes in multiple color options, depending on your preference.

Powder if Necessary

A great way to touch up your makeup quickly is with powder. For most people, I prefer to use a powder foundation that is very refined. These types of powders feel very soft and silky. They are not heavy on the skin, and they won’t weigh down your skin during the hot temperatures. If you are looking for a good powder, don’t be afraid to test it out with your fingers first. You will quickly notice the difference between the ones that are smooth and the ones that are rough.


Happy early summer everyone! Here’s hoping the weather stays cool for much longer. xoxo

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