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Makeup Classes for Beginners

It’s always an exciting time in every young girl’s life when her mom finally agrees to let her wear a little bit of makeup!  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I still remember my first two makeup products – wet n’ wild lipstick and maybelline mascara.  I felt nervous, cool, uncomfortable, proud, and excited all at the same time when I wore these products everyday.  Perhaps my insecurities had something to do with my age.  Maybe it was simply to do with the fact that I did not know a lot about makeup.

Few teenagers understand how to wear makeup.  They love experimenting, and they do not always get it right.  I once used an eyeshadow that was meant for my crease all over my eye because I did not quite understand makeup terminology!  It wasn’t a pretty picture!  The good news is, when you teach young girls makeup concepts, they learn quickly and feel more confident about themselves.
When I worked as a celebrity makeup artist in LA, I had the opportunity to work with Camila Alves (Matthew Mcconaughey’s wife).  She has an organization for young girls in the inner cities.  Me and my fellow makeup artists taught these girls on how to apply makeup.   I loved seeing the change that took place as the girls felt more confident in their ability to apply makeup.
My Beginners Makeup Classes in Arizona provides the same experience for today’s young girls.  I cover the following concepts in this class:
  • Different types of products and what they are used for
  • How to take care of your skin
  • Different skin types and choosing products for them
  • Age appropriate makeup looks
  • Tips and tricks
  • Makeup terminology
  • How to enhance your features
This class is recommended for teenagers who are new or unfamiliar with makeup.  It is a great option for moms to help their girls look appropriate without trying too hard.
For a party of 8 or more people, the fee is $10 per person
For a party of 8 people or less, the fee is $80
For classes not at my house, there is a $25 traveling fee
**All fees must be paid prior to attending the class and they are non-refundable
**Moms are welcome to attend these classes.  If they want to come, they are a part of the headcount and need to pay the fee.
**I travel to all areas of the East Valley, Ahwatukee, parts of Scottsdale, and parts of Phoenix.  Any travel over 25 miles will cost an additional $1 per mile.

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  1. My fiance’ would like a beginner makeup class for herself if you do that sort of thing. She’s 22 but is so naturally beautiful and was a tomboy she never really learned about it. If you do that sort of thing please email me as I’d like to buy her a class with you for Christmas.


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