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Makeup and Skincare for Hot Temps on AZ Midday

What makeup and skincare should you be using in these hot Arizona temps that are not going away for a few more months??? Here is the run down of the products I highlighted on Arizona Midday and why I like them.

Glossier Invisible Shield. This is a must-have sunscreen to wear underneath your makeup. It’s unlike other sunscreens that clog the pores and are known to cause breakouts because it’s clear and lightweight! Try it!!!!

Rodial Skin Tint. Tinted moisturizer fans everywhere will fall in love with this amazing product!!! It’s one of my absolute favorites because it provides amazing coverage, is super lightweight, and has peptides in it for anti-aging.

Stila Color Balm Lipsticks. Full coverage lipsticks that feel like chapstick. I’m in!!! Especially when you need something to brigthen your look on a hot day.

Stila Convertible Color. One of my go-to products for a quick pick me. I love cream blushes because they are easy to apply, long-wearing, and give the skin a healthy glow.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Eden. I love this product because it is like concealer for the eyes so they look bigger and smoother. Anything you put on top including shadow and liner will stay put in the hot temps because it is a primer.

Botanics Hydration Burst Line:   Micellar Cleanser, Serum, Dual Action Cleanser, Hydrating Day Cream All products are great for dry, sensitive skin, which is common during the heat of the Arizona summer.

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