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Makeover Your Makeup Bag

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Although I’m a makeup artist, I spend a lot of days at home “au naturel”.  This isn’t the pretty version you see in photographs of a model on the beach.  It’s the version of a busy mom who’s taking care of her son, cleaning, cooking, DIYing, who barely has time to get out of her PJs or comb her hair.  Please don’t stop by! Just kidding.  However, when I do get ready, I want to look my best.  

I feel a lot of women are like me.  That’s why I suggest scheduling a consultation for a personal makeup lesson.  During this makeup lesson, you won’t feel the pressure of a pushy salesperson and you can learn the following:

  • how to use the products you already own
  • if the products you have are right for you
  • what additional products you can add to enhance your appearance
Bring me whatever you own – Mac, Mary Kay, Armani, Maybelline, Nuetrogena, Nars, etc.  Don’t forget the brushes and tools you use to apply them.  You can also show up and let me teach you with the products I have on hand.  When you leave, you will feel confident about applying your own makeup.
The best part?  This service is affordable!  I charge the same price as a low cost AZ makeup session. It’s $35 if you come to me and $50 if I come to you.  Traveling fees may apply if you live outside the East Valley.

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