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Lipstick That STAYS On!

During last night’s makeup class, we spent a considerable amount of time trying on lipstick.  Everyone was looking for something long wearing – preferably a lipstick that stays on after eating. The good news is I have TONS of lip color to try out.  Even better, many of them stay on for hours!!!


If you want a long wearing lipstick that stays all day, the following are the best products to shop for.

Lip Stains

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My favorite lip product is a lip stain.  These are more natural than lipstick and feel like nothing when they are applied on the lips. They create a tint on your lips – like you just ate a popsicle.  Covergirl and Revlon make affordable lip stains.  My favorite is Stila’s lip and cheek stain.  I feel like it wears 10 plus hours on the lips!

Liquid Lipstick


For a more pigmented long-wearing look, liquid lipsticks are a great alternative.  This is what I am wearing in the photos above.  I applied the color, ate, drank, talked for 2 hours at a makeup class, and did much more.  Hours later the color is still going strong.  I even received a lot of compliments on my lips!  The color I am wearing is Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lip Color in Fiore.  You can also purchase liquid lipstick from Hourglass, Revlon, and Lorac.

Vinyl Lip Color


If you like lip gloss and want it to stay on, then vinyl lip color might be for you.  This product is not as matte as liquid lipstick, but it still has the wearing power.  I can eat and it won’t come off!  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a product called Lip Tar that is a fan favorite.  Stila also makes one that is popular.  The drugstore options I have seen don’t really compare.  This is a newer technology, so it might take a little while for a cheaper version to come out.

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