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Lips and Cheeks 101

The lips and cheeks class is one of my favorite classes that will help you bring life to your features. I recommend people to come with minimal makeup to this class. They can also bring the lip and cheek products they use normally. In the class, we will cover the following:

  • Review the products you are currently using to determine if they work for you
  • Receive an in depth review of contouring so you feel confident about enhancing your own features
  • Learn how to highlight
  • Learn about choosing the right blush and lip colors
  • Help you to feel more confident when it comes to wearing lip color (i will teach you how to step your lip color up a notch)
  • Go over how to make your lips look larger without making them look unnatural
  • Review blush application techniques
  • Experiment with different types of blush to determine what looks best on your skin
  • Learn how to apply lip liner appropriately
  • Go over the different lip products available to help you find something you are comfortable using

I am a firm believer that what we put on our lips and cheeks can make the biggest difference with our makeup. With this class, you can learn how to truly take your makeup up to the next level. This class is also interactive. Therefore, you will leave confident that you can apply what you learn in your bathroom at home.

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