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Jane Lip Gloss Review – $7 Well Worth Spending

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I’m a lip gloss junkie.  I love the shine and pop that a little bit of lip gloss gives my lips.  Lip gloss also makes my lips feel less dry.  Even better, I can easily apply it without a mirror when I’m on the go, running out the door, or at dinner.  It’s an easy and effective way to freshen up my makeup throughout the day.  When I visited Jane Cosmetics a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test out their best drugstore lip glosses.  These budget friendly glosses made me smile, and I’ve been sharing them with friends for the last week.  I thought it was time to provide an official Jane lip gloss review for any interested consumers.

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What is Jane Cosmetics?

In case you are not familiar with Jane, this cosmetics line has been around since the 90s.  The line recently relaunched their products, and they are now available at Ulta and Kohls.  I’ve experimented with a variety of their products, but I’ve felt the need to use their lip gloss most often!

Meet the Lip Gloss

Jane actually has three different types of glosses.

  • regular lip gloss
  • instense lip gloss
  • pH adjusting lip gloss

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The regular gloss is sheerer with a pop of color.  The intense lip glosses are similar to vinyl lip glosses; however, they are not as drying.  PH adjusting lip glosses go on clear and tints your lips a color.  I use all of them and love them!

Why You Need Jane Lip Glosses

stila lip glaze packI’ll admit that I have been wearing Stila’s lip glazes for years.  So changing to something different is a stretch for me – especially when you can by a three pack of their glosses for $12. Sadly, the amount of gloss that comes in a three pack isn’t even close to the amount of gloss you get in a Jane lip gloss.  And there is nothing worse than that finally twist of a lip glaze and the sadness that comes from knowing you have nothing left to apply on your lips.  When you think about it, the $7 Jane glosses just seem lip a better investment.  They also offer all of these features:

  • Long Wearing.  The regular and intense lip glosses last really long on your lips.  After two hours of nonstop talking with this gloss on, my gloss was still there.  That’s a long time.
  • No build up. Some lip glosses tend to build up or settle in weird places on the lips.  This hasn’t happened to me with the Jane glosses – especially when I wear the pH adjusting lip gloss.
  • Amazing colors. I love the color assortment that Jane offers.  They are full of life.  This is a nice change from duller hues that were popular during the 90s, and it will definitely help women look more youthful.
  • Cute Names. Jane named these lip glosses inspiring titles like “confident” and “make a difference.”  This is a nice change from cosmetics companies that are resorting to sex to sale makeup.  I’ve always thought it was a little uncomfortable watching 12 year old girls purchasing Nars “orgasm” lip gloss.  I’d prefer them to purchase one of my new favorite shades of gloss called “gracious” by Jane instead.  It seems much more appropriate – in terms of age and budget.
  • Not Sticky.  Compared to several other lip gloss options that I have tried the gloss is not very sticky.  It feels silky on the lips.
  • Moisturizing.  Arguably the best thing about these glosses is the added moisture they provide the lips.  They have vitamin E in them!
  • Natural Stain. The pH lip glosses really do provide a natural stain!!!!  I love to touch up with them throughout the day.


Application Suggestions

When you use this lip gloss, it can be difficult to apply if you squeeze too much product out.  If you overdo it, use your fingers to spread the gloss around.  You can also press your lips together or blot to make sure your lips don’t look goopy.



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